michael_barrettI’m a portrait and family photographer based on the South Shore of Massachusetts, leading photo shoots for people and families around the South Shore and Cape Cod. I’ve shot professionally around the world, and have found my ability to connect with people one of my best talents as a photographer. (Creating high-quality images that you’ll love doesn’t hurt either!) Photography has led me to some incredible places, and helps me meet some excellent people.

The best review I could receive is that many of my clients are repeat customers and refer me to their friends, family, or colleagues. I want every client to love what I create for them–and that starts from the very start of our relationship, by understanding what you’re looking for.

Sounds good, right? But how am I different than any other photographer? Well, besides shooting countless portraits, family photos, and events…I’ve been published in National Geographic, I’ve been hired to photograph Senators, CEOs, and I’ve won a handful of awards. Oh, and I’m affordable? Please see my Published Work page for more about my past projects.

I’ve been shooting most of my life. As a professional, I’ve photographed on Capitol Hill in DC, underwater, and while hanging out of airplanes. From the South Shore to the South Pacific, I bring all those experiences with me to create photos of you and your loved ones. And I’m always learning, and always looking to improve.

I would love to work with you and I hope you’ll get in touch!