Published Work

National Geographic
My first assignment (ever!) was with National Geographic. National Geographic published my work when they funded me to study, find, and photographic shipwrecks in the South Pacific. My work was used in online stories and featured in the National Geographic Annual Report. This gallery shows one of my photos surrounded by one of my photography heroes, David Doubilet.

World Wildlife Fund
My portraits and wildlife photography are in the permanent collection of WWF, and have been used in Annual Reports, Fundraising, Marketing, and more. Work included shoots with John Kerry, CEOs, and on Capitol Hill. I was honored to work with WWF, as part of a team that raised $170 million in one year (!) for conservation.

Scarred Lands Film
I was invited to participate in an incredible experience, contributing my photography and stories to a documentary, Scarred Lands. This film details the environmental costs of war, and my work on shipwrecks was a great fit. The film has been shown on national PBS channels, shown around the world, and won many, many awards.

Local Food
I love food, and during grad school, I worked with a collection of fishers, farmers, and chefs to help bring more humane and sustainable practices to dozens of bars, restaurants, and grocery stores. My photography is used in calendars, websites, and as donations across North Carolina.