As parents, we try to capture those big (and little) moments so we can remember them forever. Take advantage of my background to start taking your own amazing photos and stop being frustrated with your camera. 

Buying a Camera?: $35
Are you looking to buy your first “big” camera, or are you shopping for someone else? I have helped dozens of people save thousands finding the right camera.

Introduction to your Camera: $75, one hour, one-on-one
This is the perfect gift to go with that new camera! In this hands-on, one-hour session, I’ll provide an overview of your camera and the basics of photography to get you going.  If we’re at your house, I can show you how to find the best places to set up your kids, pets, pr products for great photos! Bring a friend for only $50 more.

Lessons: $75, one hour, one-on-one. 
A great follow up to the Introduction lesson, or for those wanting to improve their skills. Prior to meeting, I’ll make sure we tailor this time to what you want to improve about your photos. At each lesson, we’ll work through a number of exercises to build your technique. I’ll also give you resources so you can continue practicing on your own.