Families and Groups

Chaos is beautiful!

Most days, a lot of us feel overwhelmed with parenting. Bedtime (for them and you) can’t come soon enough. “Am I doing this right?” is a constant question.

But there are those moments- moments you never see coming- that make your messy house and your sleep deprivation just vanish. You realize how amazing your life is right now and how lucky you are.

You have kids—not wild ones—just kids.
You live in a house—not a catalog.
You’re a real parent—not a TV family.

And yes, you’re doing it all right.

How do I know?
I’m a parent too! And I capture “those moments” for families like yours, so well, that I’ve been called a miracle worker. See what my awesome clients have to say here.

Family and Group Sessions: $250, 60 minutes
These are perfect for families, small groups, and prom or homecoming parties of up to eight people. We’ll take some fun (but organized) shots, and we’ll also let the kids run wild to capture them being kids. I will choose the best images (typically 10-12) from our time together. For more information on what to expect, click here. For more than 8 people, please add $25 for each additional person.

My Family Life Sessions: $250, 60 minutes
Celebrate your life, and are the most personalized photos that anyone can offer. These sessions capture those amazing little moments that are hidden in your family’s home; bath time, walking the dog, making meals together. For the explorers, outside action shots and underwater photos are fun options! Let me show you just how beautiful your everyday life is–wherever you live it!

Mini-Sessions: $150,  20 minutes
I offer blocks of mini-sessions when my calendar allows it, but you can always host a private session with your friends. You just need to find 3 other families and I’ll come to you–or I can always suggest locations. If you have more than 4 families, everyone pays less! 5-7 images provided.

All sessions require a non-refundable 50% advance deposit, and rescheduling is easy (see Details). Hand-retouched digital files are provided on a private site. You can choose for me to create prints for a small fee, or you may print your own.