What to Expect

Capturing you and your family
One of the first things we’ll talk about is the tone of what you’re looking for; from traditional and posed, to capturing active candids while you and your family explore a new place, play your favorite game, or even swim underwater! You might know exactly what you want, or you may want some help; we’ll work together using your ideas, and my experience to make sure we get the images you want.  We’ll also talk about how you plan to use these photos, which I’ll keep in mind during the shoot. Please also read my Prep like a Pro tips!

I can travel to you, or we can meet at one of several places I’ve scouted on the South Shore and the Cape with a number of backgrounds and settings. This beautiful area offers us beaches and coasts, and forests and fields. We can also work in your house, or another location special to you, inside or out.

What to Wear?
Ah, the big question. Rule Number One? Be comfortable. Make sure the kids will be comfortable. I have found the best session pictures are where my clients are coordinated, but not necessarily matched. Choose two or three colors that go well together, and find something in everyone’s wardrobe’s with that color; or decide that everyone will wear the same color pants or skirts, and go for a variety of shirt colors. I do suggest you go for plain, solid colors, and avoid small patterns or clothes with words or graphics on them. Feel free to accessorize with something fun.  I admit, I’ve done some awesome shoots where the clients told me up front they were going to dress in exactly the same clothes, and it looked awesome, so there are always exceptions!

The Images
I personally review every photo from our shoot, and bring my professional eye to choose only the very, very best images for you.  Within seven days of your shoot, I will post the agreed number of pictures (see Sessions) to a file-sharing site as both high-resolution images for printing, and a separate folder of web-resolution images to share online (these images will have an explorationphotography.com watermark). As a photographer, I retain the copywrite to these images. I use photos (no names) from my shoots on my website, Facebook page, and marketing materials–so please tell me if you do not want these photos used. I will respect your privacy.

Prints and Formatting
I am more than happy to suggest reputable printers for you to work with, both locally, and online. I highly discourage you from printing at large box or pharmacies. I can also handle the whole printing process for you for a flat fee plus the cost of the prints. If you are printing 5×7’s or 8×10’s, the printer will automatically cut a portion of the image to print that size; this is often done by a computer that doesn’t look at what’s being cut out of the image.  For a fee, I can crop these images personally, or, I can format your images to meet specific needs, like for yearbooks or corporate headshots.

Scheduling Issues and Weather
I charge a non-refundable deposit required in advance to hold your spot for any session. But I fully understand that life (and weather) happens! If you need to reschedule due to an illness or injury, call and text me at least one hour before our scheduled time, I would be more than happy to reschedule with you. If you are late and I have other clients booked after you, I will shoot what I can before I need to move on. This is all about treating everyone’s time as valuable- your’s, mine, and my other clients. I keep a close eye on the weather, and will contact you by phone and text if we need to reschedule due to bad or dangerous conditions.